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Petition Review

Expert Review of
I-129F Fiancee Visa Petition or
I-130 Spousal Visa Petition or
Embassy Documents (Packet 3 or 4) or
I-485 Adjustment of Status Petition

Response to Request for Evidence (RFE)

Quick Summary of what: Petition Review Service does

·       We take a hard experienced look at your Petition,and help youimprove it, before USCIS sees it.

·       We provide a second set of experienced eyeballs critically checking your work to help you avoid unnecessary delays and even possible rejection.

·       We provide editorial guidance helping you to improve your statements to make them more compelling, and consistent with what USCIS wants.

Petition Review is inexpensiveinsurance, to confirm you did it correctly. and costs only $249. Send us your prepared petition (or copy) at the same time you Order Service

Sample copies of recent Petition Reviews:
January 2013
Sample A
Sample B
Sample C

Below is my youtube that explains how Petition review service works.

The staff at Heart of Asia International Dating Personals  is proud to provide expert assistance to help you inexpensively manage the daunting task of filing the forms and preparing the documentation required by US immigration (USCIS)  to bring your fiancee to the United States.  

What I do for you:

You prepare your I-129F or I-130 or Adjustment of Status petition package on your own

I carefully review your  petition for completeness, legibility, and sincerity.

I look for mistakes, errors, omissions, inconsistencies.

Potential problem areas that should be addressed before USCIS sees the package, are flagged.

I review and edit your cover letter for completeness and persuasiveness.

Finally I help you collate your petition into the format USCIS prefers.

Look at some of the samples and see exactly what I do

You've prepared the petition yourself, this is inexpensive insurance, to confirm you did it correctly.
Full Petition Review costs only $249. Send us your prepared petition (or copy) when you Order Service

By Fred Wahl