Immigration Forms USCIS Forms
Immigration Forms used by USCIS and Department of State
needed for Fiancee + Spousal Visas

These are the Immigration Forms commonly required for the Fiance Visa petition process.

Code Purpose Dept Version
Expires Oldest Version
G325A Biographical Background
USCIS 07/14/06 05/31/09 All
G325A Biographical Background
Recently released, but with MANY
Technical problems. Date fields
truncate data and you must
remember to manually print
out 4 copies. Until the USCIS
tech geek corrects these issues,
I suggest you use a prior edition.
The questions have not changed.
Previous editions are accepted.
USCIS 08/08/11 08/31/12 All
G1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition
USCIS 05/25/11   All
I129F Fiancee Visa Petition
USCIS 06/22/12 06/30/13 02/19/10
I130 Petition for Alien Relative
USCIS 01/08/12 01/31/12 01/31/08
I131 Application for Travel Document
USCIS 11/05/11 03/31/12 02/26/08
I134 Affidavit of Support
USCIS 05/25/11   All
I485 Application to Register Perm.
Residence or Adjust Status

USCIS 01/18/11   12/03/09
I693 Report of Medical Examination
and Vaccination Record

USCIS 10/11/11 10/31/12 10/11/11
I751 Petition to Remove the
Conditions of Residence

USCIS 01/12/11 01/31/13 All
I765 Application for Employment 

USCIS 08/15/12 02/28/13 05/27/08
I864 Affidavit of Support
USCIS 09/19/11 09/30/12 All
N400 Application for Naturalization

USCIS 03/22/12 03/31/13 01/22/09
DS156 Non-Immigrant Visa Application State Online Online Online
DS156K Non-Immigrant Fiancee
Visa Application
State 06/2011 11/30/13  
DS157 Supplemental Non-Immigrant
Visa Application
State 02/2012 02/28/15  
DS160 Electronic Nonimmigrant
Visa Application
State Online Online Online
DS230 Application for Immigration
Visa and Alien Registration
State 07/2012 06/30/15  
DS260 Immigrant Visa Electronic
State Online Online Online

To See Samples of these Immigration Forms after they are filled in visit: or The above table reflects the most current information as of the date this ebook was prepared. 

Before downloading Immigration Forms it is always a good idea to check if the version of the form you have or will download is the most current version.  Go to and check the Immigration Forms page to confirm the correct filing address and version currently in use.

Or go to Department of State for their forms at

Check the edition date located in the lower right-hand corner of the form. If the edition date on your Immigration Form matches the edition date listed for that same Form on the online Immigration Forms page, your version is current and will be accepted by USCIS. If the edition date on the online version is later, download a copy and use the online version. If you do not have internet access, call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to verify the current filing address and edition date. Improperly filed forms will be rejected, and the fee returned, with instructions to resubmit the entire filing using the current form instructions.

By Fred Wahl

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