Happy Couple celebrates their Fiance visa approval Fiance Visa Philippines Manila Interview
Fiance Visa Philippines Manila Interview

Every year, Manila leads the world with the most fiancee visas; 6000 in 2012 being more than three times as many as the next busiest consulate. Guangzhou, China where only 1,800 were processed.

Manila no longer mails out a packet of instructions and forms. Now the consulate relies on email, to notifiy the Fiancee the case has arrived, and to refer her to visit the consulates website to pick up all the forms and instructions that she needs. The website is manila.usembassy.gov. The consulate in Manila being so very busy, they have worked hard to streamline the process and make things go easier. They have set up a website, where the fiancee can register her name, and book her appointment online.

To do this she first pays the visa application fee, in person at Bank of the Philippines Islands or online using Bancnet.

With proof of her payment, she either telephones the consulate to schedule her appointment, or does so online.

The consulate emails her confirmation of her interview appointment, and she uses this for entry to the consulate on the interview day, as well as entry to St. Lukes for her medical.

One week prior to her interview at the consulate, your fiancee should go to St. Luke’s Medical Centre, it’s about a block away from the embassy, and probably spend most of the day having a medical exam of blood test, urine test and chest x-rays. St. Lukes now provides online registration, so she can fill in her personal contact and medical history details online, prior to arriving at the clinic. This should shorten her wait while at the clinic.

When she attends St. Luke’s, she should bring with her the appointment email, three visa photos, her vaccination records, enough Pesos to pay the $213 US Dollar fee, her passport plus a photocopy of its info page. St. Lukes will retain her passport and later forward it to the consulate with her medical results and xrays.

There are four DS, means Department of State Forms, she needs to fill out and bring two copies of each to the embassy; the DS 156, 156K, 157, and the first two pages of the DS-230 One of the forms, the DS 156 is only available on the internet where she must go online, type in her answers and she must print it out directly from the internet.

It is impossible to save a copy, it can only be printed out. And the reason they do it this way is because when she prints out the form, it’ll include a barcode that encapsulates all of the information that she typed and the consulate uses that to make their system more efficient. The fiancee should bring the appointment email, two visa photos, her birth certificate as issued by the National Statistics Office Philippines called NSO, Certificate of No Marriage if she has been single also issued by the NSO or if she’s previously married then her annulment decrees, Police Certificate issued by NBI National Bureau of Investigation Philippines and if she’s lived at any other country besides the Philippines for more that six months at a time after she was 16 years old, a police certificate from that country.

She should bring the receipt that shows she paid the application fee.

She also should bring with her to the embassy documents provided by the American fiance. Such as the I-134 affidavit support, his last tax return, a letter from his boss saying he’s working for his company, three to six recent pay stabs and if he was previously married, divorced, annulment, or death certificates to prove that he is now free to marry again.

Finally, she should carry evidence of the bonafide relationship such as photos, letters, emails, phone bills, instant messaging messages, money transfers, plane tickets, visa stamps from his passport,

In the preparation for the interview, the couple should talk to each other and review the timeline of the courtship and discuss the different facets of their relationships so they know as much as possible about each other.

I have put together about one hundred and twenty typical questions. At the end of this video there is a link for you to get a copy for practicing

On the day of her interview, she should arrive early and arrive at gate number two which is the entrance that is facing the Bay View Park Hotel. She’ll pass security to get inside the compound and then later there’ll be another checkpoint where she should surrender cellphones and any electronics. Once inside the building, she will be asked to turn in the Department of State Forms that she has filled in, and she will be given a number just like a ticket at a delicatessen. Eventually, her number will be called and she will go to another clerk where she’ll have a pre-interview. This is where they will check to see if she’s brought in all of her documents and she can hand the evidences, photos, everything over into the clerk there.

Eventually, her number will be called again and she will go to a cubicle where she will speak with a counsellor officer. The officer will ask her questions about the relationship and her fiancee and what her plans are. If all goes well, she will be granted the K1 visa and will be issued on the spot a pink slip. With the pink slip, she’ll go downstairs and collect her photos and evidences back and then go to a counter where she can fill out an address form to have a private delivery service deliver her passport to her. ypically, depending where she lives, this will be between 1 to two weeks.

By Fred Wahl

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