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g325a: How to fill it in?

G325A forms may be obtained directly from USCIS or downloaded from this website.

A separate G325A must be completed for the Sponsor, Fiance and for any of the Fiances children included on the Fiance visa application.

Each person signs his/her own form. Only the original form with the original signature can be submitted. This means a faxed copy of a signed form is not acceptable, it must be the actual form that was signed.

Attached to the Sponsors G325A, should be a photocopy of his passport, birth certificate, or other proof of birth and US Citizenship. If the Sponsor was previously married then proof that he is now free to marry should be included, ie divorce decree, annulment, death certificate.

Attached to the Fiance's G325A should be a clear legible photocopy of her International passport, and her birth certificate. If the Fiancee was previously married, then a copy of her divorce decree, annulment, death certificate, etc should be included.

If these documents are not in English then a certified translation of each should be included.

Type or print in black ink.

Answer all questions fully, accurately and legibly..

Write "None" in fields where appropriate.

Write "N/A" in fields where appropriate.

For additional line by line instructions on what answers are acceptable and expected, download a copy of Fiancee Visa Secrets.

By Fred Wahl

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