Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition speeds approval Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition is approved
Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition
You only have ONE chance to make a First Impression.

While most interviews last 15 to 30 minutes, most of MY client's Front Loaded Fianec Visa Petition interviews last under 5 minutes only.

This is because we provide the information we want the consular officer to see, 'up front' as part of the petition submitted originally to USCIS. The consular officer will typically review the package prior to the interview. When he reads the extensive and persuasive evidence that we have logically laid out for him, he should be convnced of the 'bone fides' of the relationship before the interview even starts.

This makes asking any remaining questions more a formality than a fact finding, truth finding mission, and leaves very little for the consular officer to say besides 'Welcome to America'.

I carefully pore over the documents the couple has, include the following EXTRA documents in my Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petitions

Photos of the couple together
Affidavits from witnesses who know the couple
Engagement Ring Receipts
Proof of Engagement Celebration
Publication of Engagement Announcement
Travel Itineries to meet
Travel Itineries from travel together
Exit/Exit Stamps from Passports
Log of Emails
Samples of Emails
Itemized Telephone Call Logs
Instant Messenger Logs
Samples of IM sessions
Proof of Money Transfers
Tuition Receipts for English Lessons

Plus any other documents that support the couples bone fides

And Finally a Heartfelt Letter on the "History of our Courtship"

It certainly requires extra work and effort, to produce a 100 to 150 page petition, versus a few dozen pages that most un-motivated preparers are willing to submit, but the benefit is PRICELESS as it results in of taking the pressure off of your fiancee, and improves chances of SUCCESS.

By Fred Wahl