Happy Couple celebrates their Spouse visa approval
Spouse Visa processing time


Couple submit I130 Petition Package (with $420) to USCIS

+1-2 weeks

USCIS confirms receipt of Petition

+12-24 weeks

USCIS approves case

+3-6 weeks

NVC requests foreign spouse choose her "Agent" in USA

+1-2 weeks

NVC requests Sponsor to pay online $80, Affidavit of Support Fee

+2-6 weeks

NVC requests Sponsor to pay online $230, visa application fee

+0 weeks

After Sponsor pays fees, he submits Package of Civil documents to NVC, including his Affidavit of Support

+3-6 weeks

NVC confirms all needed documents have been verified


NVC schedules appointment at US consulate, or advises that US consulate will contact foreign spouse directly

+4-12 weeks

Foreign Spouse has medical + consulate  interview (brings to consulate final package of documents and evidences)

+1-2 weeks

Passport is returned to Spouse with CR1 Visa attached

AVERAGE TIME: 10-14 months, from submission to receipt of visa

There is no 'magic wand' to speed the process.

No matter who does the work, a properly prepared visa application takes about the same time to be processed.

There are however many ways to slow the process. A badly prepared petition, will take longer.

Submitting a well prepared, well documented petition, "front ended" petition won't make the process faster, BUT will make the interview processs for the foreign spouse more easy, and positive results, more certain.

By Fred Wahl